Topic: Booni-Mastuj Road— Writer: Mehmood ul Hassan Firdousi

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An important initiative to rehabilitate the Booni- Mastuj road started in last week in Upper Chitral under the supervision of retired professor Dr Ismail wali, who served in Higher Education Department, and other educational institutes including Imsciences Peshawar.

This is a flagship project, comprised of approximately 23 km long road, the only route which connects Upper Chitral with lower Chitral, due to the pedestrian condition of the aforementioned road, people of both districts of Chitral fed up and started efforts in their available resources to rebuild the Booni-Mastuj road.

On the first day of project, around 1000 volunteers from the three villages of Upper Chitral that is Mastuj, Chunij and Laspur came to the site and started their work.

This is a great initiative and big round of applause for Dr Ismail wali who encouraged youth and volunteers to take part in the project, otherwise, the people of Chitral would be disheartened and became fuel for unrest, chaos and disobeyed citizens as other part of the country is witnessing.

Mehmood Ul Hassan Firdousi
Bakarabad Chitral.